Vasiliki KarydopoulouYoga

In recent years, yoga has shown me how to share love and be grateful for the beautiful gift called breath and consciousness. An endless journey of happiness! If someone asks me what Yoga means to me, I would answer that, Yoga means breath of life, means sharing, acceptance, love. Yoga is life itself. I am here to share this beautiful journey with patience and open arms!


My path to yoga started for the first time in 2012. As the years went by I decided to deepen my knowledge in 2019 with my first 200h Certificate in Traditional Hatha Yoga, 95h Kids Yoga, Pre-Postnatal, 90h, 500h Advanced Yoga and 50h Rocket Yoga (Progressive Ashtanga by Larry Schultz). While still a student (always a student first), I continue my practice with traditional ashtanga and breathing techniques (pranayama).